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Paradise faces the Bully

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When I started writing I was inspired by God above, he gave me the tools and insight to carry out my purpose; reaching out to the world. I have a compelling story to tell with the hopes of reaching the world. I have  more content on target, launching shortly after. I appeal to all age groups and nationalities. I write two different genres: Urban Fiction/Devotional & Children's books - 

Adult books include: 'Bikers Loyalty' and 'Three Friends the Perfect Stereotype' and 'Tagger' (soon to be released) Children's books included: 'Paradise faces the Bully'... 'Paradise and the Pandemic' & 'Paradise and friends'

I am an author who prides himself with details so that the reader understands the content of the message that is intended. As the narrative flows it keeps you intrigued the entire journey. I am proud to announce the release of my new children's book titled "Paradise and Friends" this is one of three published books of the "Paradise" series. I created the Paradise character to entertain and educate children as well. We can't leave them behind. I am Honored to say that "Paradise and the Pandemic" Children's Book has been accepted by the State of Oklahoma's School Districts to entertain, educate and influence  children in a positive way. Again, I am honored and excited. My new Urban Fiction book titled "Tagger" will be released in Jan. 2023. Speak-Up-Sis has a new Book Club. Free membership, the only obligation is to read and review the books that are exclusively on the bookshelf. Go to for more info.  All of my published books are available on just enter the preferred title in the search box... Thanks so much for your support... Blessings!

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Three Friends:

The Perfect Stereotype

Biker's Loyalty

Paradise Faces the Bully

Paradise & the Pandemic

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"This story kept my attention from start to finish. I see from the About the Author section this is the Authors first novel. I will say, very well done for his first novel and I hope to read more novels by this Author. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good story."


Three Friends: The Perfect Stereotype

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