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Three Friends...The Perfect Stereotype

There are three guys of different cultures who had known each other since the third grade. These guys have been supportive of one another ever since then. If you violate anyone of them you have violated all of them and the consequences could be severe; this was Loyalty at its best… They were Inseparable. Now in their twenties the guys have developed some history among themselves. Experiencing tragedy, loss of life, break ups, etc. Being supportive when it mattered most. At this time in their lives they now have families and responsibilities that are required of them. They all have conflicting schedules which has not allowed them to see each
other as much as they would have liked to. They have not had the opportunity to set down together to have a cold beer in quite some time. One particular spring day they found the time. Communicating back and forth with each other; they had finally made plans to all meet at one of the other’s house. Telling their significant others not to include them in any plans that Friday night… this night was set aside for the Trio. Two of the three meet up at the local bar before heading to the house. Upon seeing each other the two of them hugged and gave a stern fist bump. They start a tab selecting some of the finest liquor that was available at the bar. Hanging
out reminiscing on their High School years… close to two hours have passed. They both decided to pay their tabs and head over to the house. On their way to the house they stopped at the local convenience store to grab a case of beer, some chips, peanuts and a few scratch off lottery tickets. The last of the three would meet them at the house after he got off work. He went home to take a shower first. It was early in the evening when the two men arrived at the house. It wouldn’t be until late that evening when the third guy had showed up. When he finally did it was the usual hugging and fist bumps all over again. By this time the two men who
arrived first had a four-beer head start. There was some catching up to do, so he goes into the frig. and grabs him a couple of cold one’s. The Trio enjoyed each other’s company as the evening progressed. Utilizing the valuable time spent, they engage in watching a basketball game on the big screen. There was no one else there except the three; they were exclusive to the outside world. Later, that night they all were feeling a good buzz from the beer and liquor they consumed throughout the day and night. Laughing and enjoying themselves to the fullest.
There was a shift of events……none the less…………Something went wrong inside……………Very Wrong!!!

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Biker's Loyalty

How many times have we tried to get it right? Can we ever get it right? Answer: No! We we're ALL born in sin and ALL fall short of God’s glory. So, what do we do? Answer: Repent! No matter what we’ve done, no matter how we have done what we have done, no matter how young or old we are, no matter the color of our skin. Now is the time to experience; Grace, Mercy, Favor, Blessings, Comfort, and salvation free of charge. Bikers are no exception to the rule, they too were born in sin. The Black Mambas Biker Gang found this out first hand. The Black Mamba snake is the most poisonous snake in the world if it bites you it can be fatal, and you can die in a matter of minutes. The Black Mamba’s Biker gang is nothing short of this until they convert. Scooter, the president of the Mambas has the members place a white dove in place of the serpent on their leather jackets. A clear indication that they now ride for Jesus Christ. God wants us all to be disciples, go into the world and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all who have fallen or are lost; being obedient they decide to knock on a few doors. Quickly finding out that some are for the cause and some are not. Yes! They face adversity but they never give up! See how they’ve Evolved into disciples of Christ, the price they pay and, the manifestation that comes along with it… Eventually, Scooter forms a diverse crusade of united Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian riders…

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Paradise Faces the Bully

A Bully approached her best friend and demanded her to give up her backpack and Paradise had to do something about it. Although, Paradise meant well... the tactic that she used to chase off the bully was not moral. Paradise strongly believes in any means necessary to make sure her friend was not harmed by the Bully. Later that day her mom let her know that making up stories was not the only way to run off a Bully. Paradise quickly learned that it was effective, but it was not the right thing to do.

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Paradise and the Pandemic

Paradise is an eight-year-old female that has a beautiful personality. She displays compassion, is outgoing, charismatic, and just simply loves others. She also loves to sing and dance. She has a pet bird named “Paris” that does just about everything with her. She and her mom
constantly have a dialog which makes it easier for children to grasp and understand the message that is intended. Paradise makes it easier for parents to explain some of the questions that may be posed. Stay tuned for other “Paradise” Series Books.

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